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    Possibly before that happens, the stock exchanges of China will fall.

    For one simple reason, in this game of finance, there are financial strategies for loans to be all western countries, United States of America and other countries in Europe such as Spain, etc..

    It is for this reason that China depends on the western economy, its benefits are unrealistic, i.e. ; that its system of finance and pace of life is equal to that of the West, with a value of the currency unreal.

    But if you look at the issue that is described in the form only as something referred to a kind of rivalry or competence to meet a superiority in markets, it could be that nobody could be in charge of a control, because nobody can control the business in private hands, which are also unpredictable.

    We would have to analyze another magic word, according to some experts in various fields, as is the word or term : consumption.

    More consumption, more business, more wealth ( on ) to less consumption less business and more unemployment.

    Who more consumers possesses more danger on has for its respective country, and finance does not have a homeland, for example we have the Greek case, where its citizens millionaires have their deposits outside of Greece.

    And I assure you that there are many Greeks millionaires.

    Similarly, in Spain, where since the crisis, have increased the millionaires Spaniards, and has also reduced the middle class in Spain.

    It is all about how you use the deposits and how to invest, the risk is always that the money remains stalled or stopped, and that know a lot banks in all the world.

    You know that the money does not exist, itself, is something similar to a reference with respect to other references precious or valued since ancient times.

    And the true source of wealth is in the resources and the raw material that is used to operate the machinery of doing business that are in the end, the business activity.

    De facto, in times of crisis such as in times of wealth, everything is volatile, and subordinate to the stability of certain commercial transactions. Thus, that only can destabilize a country a political crisis or war. And a world war would be the destruction not only of the economy, also of the planet.

    No crazy would dare to create a world war, nor create crises in countries to achieve benefits, because the welfare of all would disappear overnight.

    Perhaps bouts of financial games with the policy, as we saw with the sanctions on Russia, and Russia with other actions to find notoriety.

    And, everything is based on as you move the tabs of the chessboard.

    But there is one thing, that many is ignored and, is that there is no financial crises, there are mediocre politicians, because the money has no color, no ideology, or race, or anything that distinguishes it from other uses and ways. Hence that does not disappear ever, although there are attempts to control the citizens from the time of the nineteenth century, or earlier.

    In fact every person is alive, because money is sold or is promoted with any aspect of their lives, whether your curriculum vitae, or similar issues.

    Not least the shareholder, which searches for the bank that offers not only best interest, also security.

    China has its good things, ,and their negative things, but no one controls the finances of the world, not even the countries. That is why China has adopted a moderate capitalist system, being contrary to these policies. Equal to any country in the world financial game.

    This site is enjoyable, and make apologies for not comment on the language friend of German.

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